7 Easy Ways To Save Money For Christmas

7 Ways To Save Money For Christmas - Lovelifelivewise

With the current situation of uncertainty and Christmas rapidly approaching, now is the time to start planning and getting ready financially. In this post, I’m sharing 7 easy ways to save money for Christmas. They don’t require a huge amount of sacrifice and you won’t have to eat pasta every day!

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Easy ways to save money for Christmas

The first and most important thing you must do to save money for Christmas is to have a budget! So get to thinking and planning, calculate how much you can afford to spend first and work with that figure instead of listing all presents you need to buy and then realizing that you are never going to afford them.

1 – Start saving early & have clear goals

Now that you have a budget and know what you need to work towards, divide that by the number of weeks left until Christmas week and this will tell you how much you will need to set aside each week.

If you have a bank account that allows you to create “buckets” or different savings “jars”, create one for Christmas and move the amount there every week at the start of the week. Set a reminder for this if you are forgetful about these things!

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2 – Sell what you don’t need or use

Selling what you don’t need or use is a great way to make extra cash for Christmas but also helps you keep your home clutter free and organized. There are many websites where you can sell used clothes and other items you no longer use. My top recommendations are eBay, where you can sell virtually anything. Vinted is also a great place to sell unwanted clothes and finally Facebook Marketplace where you can sell almost anything to local buyers.


3 – Ditch the cable and save between £50 – £100

With all the tech advances, there is now little need for paying so much for channels you don’t really watch most of the time! The average cable customer pays £60 a month for their service and only watches a small fraction of the channels offered. For me, of all the ways to save money for Christmas this is the one with the highest saving potential!

Research your options based on the needs you have for your household and see if swapping to a streaming provider is a viable option for you and your family.

Netflix price plans start at £5.99 and go up to £11.99, Disney+ price plans also start at £5.99 and they have a yearly plan at £59.99, saving you nearly £12 from the standard monthly plan.

Amazon Prime has a starting plat £5.99 for Amazon Video only or £7.99 for Video, Music and free next day delivery. They also have a annual plan for Amazon Prime for £79.99.

On top of any other savings you make by ditching your current cable provider, if you swap to a streaming service and don’t watch standard channels, you can cancel your TV license, saving an extra £12 a month! Another way to save money for Christmas.

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4 – Swap your utilities

This is another way to save money for Christmas and you can start saving almost immediately. Check how much you are paying for each of your utilities (gas, electricity, home phone and broadband) and see if you can find a better deal for each.

Don’t forget to check if you are tied to a contract and ask for any exiting fees if that is the case. Utility Warehouse Offers up to £200 to cover exiting fees if you are on a contract elsewhere and their price plans are some of the cheapest on the market if you move all your utilities under the one provider. Check how much you can save here. Don’t forget that if you take all their services they will replace all your home lightbulbs saving you 1/3 on your energy usage.

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5 – Buy ahead and keep for Christmas

Have a designated Christmas cupboard where you keep presents for Christmas. During the year when you see something that would make a good present, on promotion, for someone in your “must gift list”, buy it and store for Christmas.

In addition, if you already know what you want, look for the best price using google shopping and see if you can buy via a cashback site like TopCashback.

6 – Buy generic brands

Give generic brands a try and save money for Christmas. Swap to generic brands and save on your weekly/monthly shop. You don’t have to go all out and swap everything if you don’t want to, but swapping just the staples like milk, sugar, flower, toiletries and including three meals a week, will make a big difference in your shopping spend.

Also think about what you will need for your Christmas dinner. We all want to make Christmas dinner special but do we really need that extra special organic & free range Turkey? Does it taste so much better than the standard one?

7 – Change your mobile phone plan

Yes, your heard me! Mobile owners pay on average £36.50 a month, paying 44% over the needed amount for the services they use. One way of seeing if you are paying too much is checking how many minutes, texts and data you have used in the past three or six months and then adjust your price plan to cover just that.

If you are using your allowance to the full, then consider if you should take on an unlimited price plan. Utility Warehouse has just launched a new price plan with unlimited calls, texts and data for £20 and any additional cards for the rest of the family for £10 with the same unlimited allowance. For a family of 4 with average price plans that is a saving of over £60. Check out their new price plan here.

Plan ahead, be prepared and be strict

Make sure you are following up on all the options you have to save money for Christmas. You must set the money aside each week or each month and be accountable for your achievements. This will enable you and your family to enjoy Christmas stress free!

Above all, prioritize giving your time to those you love and enjoying the simple tresures!

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4 thoughts on “7 Easy Ways To Save Money For Christmas”

  1. Great ideas. I just started shopping ahead myself. And I am shocked to see the average price of cell phones in the UK. That is about half of what typical Americans pay and most of my friends average more than $100 USD per month. I spend far less myself.

    1. Hi Brooke,
      It’s amazing what you find when you spend a little time doing research and use the discounts available. Cell phone contracts are expensive but most of us don’t use the full allowance, paying for a service we think we need but don’t use!

  2. Planning is key, isn’t it? I try and buy throughout the year too, so if I see something I think a friend or child would like, I get it and then store it. Spreading the costs works wonders – these are great tips, thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. For me that is the best way too, not just because it spreads the cost but when you get to Christmas time, there is a lot less stress in finding presents!

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