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Ana’s world

I’m Ana, I’m here to help you saving, making money & getting organized in everything you do.


If you are struggling with money management, want to sort out your finances or can’t save money every month, I can help you.


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I live in the UK with my two children, my partner and our German Shepherd Maki. Three things you may want to know about me:

Making Money & Getting Organized - lovelifelivewise

Things I love

  • I love humor! A funny remark can lighten the mood immediately.
  • I tend to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and inappropriate jokes are my favorite fall back.
  • I feel most at home sitting at a table with family and friends. A spread of bread, cold meats and wine listening to family stories and making memories!
Planning savings - lovelifelivewise

My Story

My relationship with money has always been full of ups and downs. When I first moved to the UK from Portugal, money was short and I worked very hard to save and start a life here. Saying that money was short is really an understatement, I had hard choices to make, like having something to eat or a place to stay that night…


Fast forward 17 years of corporate life with money never being a problem and then a need to change that made me drop everything I knew and start from scratch! Money management was really only used as and when needed but was never a focus for me.


Since then, I decided to re-evaluate how we were spending our money and work on a strict budget for our family.  


During this process of personal and financial growth, I started to love budgeting, finding ways to save more or bring in additional income and enjoying the feeling of being in control. 


The results from this effort have been so good that I decided to start blogging so I could share my experiences with others. 


I want others to have that same sense of control, to understand that it is possible to spend less, make cuts, save money each month and be happier whist doing it!

Money management, be brave take control - lovelifelivewise

Take Control Of Your Family's Finances

If you are confused and don’t know where to start, go ahead  and check out a few of my most popular posts, which are listed  below.


These are some of the best tips based on my personal experience. there are tips on  how to start saving,  live by a budget, make good financial choices, and save money on everything you buy.

Saving & Making Money

In these posts you will learn how to start saving money and  save consistently every month.

You will get tips on saving with meal planning and money-saving recipes for the family.

Work From Home

There is also plenty of information and tips for working from home. Learn how you can start making money online and available options, even if you have no skills


If you struggle with getting all the work done and can’t seem to be able to work and keep your home in order. Check out how to work from home efficiently and these tried and tested life and home organizing hacks!

Money management, be brave take control - lovelifelivewise

Take Control Of your Finances

Get special tips & our promotions first

Working from home and running your own business - lovelifelivewise

Work with me

If you are interested in guest posting or working with me send me your request here.


Please note: this is a personal blog and I am not a financial professional.

While I share my experiences and recommendations based on my way of living, no advice on this blog should be taken as a substitute for professional financial advice.

If you want more information, please see my disclaimer here.

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