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I have been wishing for Spring but it doesn’t seem to be working! Now that the days are getting longer and a little less wet, I want to start getting ready for Spring Clean and share how you can master Spring Clean preparation.

Spring clean organization - organized shelves prepared for cleaning.

We all know that spring cleaning is not the most exciting conversation starter. For most people, just the thought makes them dread the long list of tasks to get through! It doesn’t have to be like that though. There are things you can do now, that will make your life so much easier when you start Spring Cleaning.

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Today, I want to share with you, tasks you can do ahead of starting the actual cleaning, that will make it easier and spring cleaning a LOT faster!

Plan ahead to master spring clean preparation

This is by far the most important step in mastering all the preparation work!
Go room by room and make a note of all the details you want to address. That can be something that needs fixing, storage that you need to sort ou that you have not opened for a year, under bed storage… just list all the items to address in each room.

Don’t include things that you are going to clean like clean walls, wash curtains and such tasks.
Include things like, sort out wardrobe, sort out drawers, over wardrobe storage. Sort out kitchen cupboards. Deep clean washing machine and dishwasher… see what I’m getting at? Focus on organization tasks rather than things you need to clean.

Group tasks

Now that you have a list, look at the items, on the list, for each room and group tasks. If you need to organize the storage over the wardrobe and have to sort out the wardrobe too, group those two, add the drawers under, if there are any. Keep grouping tasks by room and time they take to complete (if you don’t have a full day, don’t try to complete a full room in one go), that will just create frustration.

A good example of grouping tasks would be to deep clean the dishwasher and washing machine and clean the oven while the washers are running their cycles.

Top Tip: Start each room from the top-down, my mum always says, if you start the other way, by the time you are done, the floor needs doing again…
I start with top storage, then top cupboards, take all out, sort, wash what needs washing and clean the cupboards. Then, I separate things to sell and things to donate. I do this for all cupboards, drawers and chests in each room. Keep in mind that this is not a cleaning exercise but an organization one instead.

Get rid of what you don’t use

Apart from your important and special occasion items, if you have not used something for a year, what are the chances you will use it again? If you are unsure about it, store it in the shed or loft or even locked self-storage. If you don’t use it for another six months, consider selling or donating it!

This is when I get rid of old china, chipped glass, stained towels and old blankets or pillows. Also that slow cooker and bread-maker you never used – I would not sell the slow-cooker – I have some really good slow cooker recipes coming up soon!
Clean the cupboards and change cupboard lining if needed.


Get your paperwork in order too

You know that one drawer with old bills or stuff that the kids randomly store there, yes, that one! I complete that last because I tend to get distracted with all the bits stored there, an old picture or postcard, playing cards we bought in Paris, so if like me you have one or two of these and you also get distracted, keep them for last!

Also, sort out all the paperwork only when all else is done. I check things like Insurance renewal dates, MOT date – you can request a free MOT reminder here, by the way. Car servicing dates and all those details we always tend to forget about…


Want to know what products I use to make cleaning and organizing a breeze? Visit my Cleaning and Organizing items page to see some of the things I use to keep on track. I only recommend products I have personally tried and use at home.

Follow these four steps and you are all set for Spring Cleaning. Start knowing that most of the hard work is done. Time to relax with a book or doing what makes you happy!

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4 thoughts on “How to Master Spring Clean Preparation”

  1. Spring cleaning is a must to ensure we don’t end up living like the people on that show Hoarders! Lol. I like to do these projects with a list and plan to make sure I’m efficient and get them done the right way.

    1. Hey Rachael!
      It’s such a great feeling when you finish decluttering and organizing a cupboard or room. Don’t you just love being able to sit and enjoy the clutter-free space?
      Thank you for your comments, come back for more organization tips.

      Love xx

  2. I love a good spring clean, always feels so refreshing! Thanks for sharing these tips x

    1. Hi Hannah!

      I’m with you! It’s so rewarding to sit with a coffee, look around and know that everything is where it should be.
      It’s a simple reward and so easy to achieve. I take real pleasure in these easy wins.

      I hope you get to try some of the tips!

      Love xx

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